Sometime ago, I was talking to this girl (not what you think); I was encouraging her and trying to ginger her spirit. I was trying to motivate her in her endeavours and encourage her in the Lord. One day, she just called me out of the blues, all gingered up and motivated, telling me how she was ready to take life on and all that. I was amazed and glad, and so I just kept boosting her spirit. She was telling me the things she was ready to do, the lengths she was ready to go, the arrangements in place, etc., and I just kept boosting her, no matter what she said, I just kept boosting her. A few days later, I was just reminiscing and it just occurred to me that all her plans were futile given the circumstances at hand, but it didn’t occur to me then because all I wanted to do was boost her morale by telling her what she wanted to hear. I had to tell her the truth, even though I knew it was heartbreaking and demoralizing, I had seen the future and I knew it was going to be more devastating, I now had to tell her what she needed to hear and no longer what she wanted to hear.

In this life, majority of us are now more conscious of what we want to hear; very few people want to hear the truth, only a few are ready to read and listen to what they need to hear and this is dangerous. Many people only buy books that ginger them and tell them what they want to hear, many only watch stories that have happy endings and many only listen to pastors that will tell them about prosperity. There is a reason why the Bible is specific as to the freedom that comes with the knowledge of the truth and that is what we would be discussing today.

The Hearing that Changed My Life

What you need to hearAs a child, I wasn’t really permitted to go out and play, I mostly had the chance when my parents weren’t around or I had to sneak out of the house to play with the others and if I was caught, I’d have to dance to the music of the cane. As a result, anytime I had the chance, I would try and maximize it. One day, I had another opportunity so I went out to play. In a bid to maximize my luck, I went out early in the morning, without even having my bath, and I was out all day playing. I had played and played, and then jumped over to table tennis. As we were playing, after a few hours, one of my playmates who was still fresh in the game walked up to me and said “Do you know that you are smelly?” I was shocked and so I actually started sniffing myself only to discover that I really stank from the hours and hours of play without a bath. Now, there’s no how anybody won’t give out a bad odour one way or the other from hours of sweating and exercise, that’s why there are body sprays.


Even though I was just a child, God gave me the wisdom to see that the truth was the greatest gift I could have, and this boy had just told me the truth. I never held anything against him and even up till this day, that still remains the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, the truth. We were many that were playing together, even though others must have been smelly, I had been out for too long and so mine must have been extra. I immediately went in and had my bath, I felt fresh and comfortable, and of course, I was even more presentable than the others who were also smelly and since that day, the truth has always been my shield and buckler.

Most people would take it personal today, but how can you be truly free if you don’t know the truth?

The Truth Shall Make You Free

Nobody wants to hear the truth anymore, we just want to hear what we would like to hear. It’s exactly what is going on in many churches and in the lives of many Christians today. People want to hear about prosperity, people want prosperity, people want automatic miracles, they want protection from their enemies, people just want one thing or the other and only want to hear what would ginger their morale. There is nothing wrong with that, but this therefore leads majority to the happening places, where they can get what they want, which draws then farther away from the truth they need to hear. Why do you think there are so many wars and divisions in Christianity today? Why is the most important thing, which is love, lacking among Christians? The people lack the truth they need to hear, those whose hearts should be pricked by the messages of love are busy being gingered to destroy their enemies; those who should be elevated from poverty and sadness are being gingered not to buy TV and wear good clothes and engage in prosperous endeavours. Those who should be taught modesty in dressing are being gingered towards God seeing the heart only and not caring about the outward appearance. There is nothing wrong with getting what you want, there is nothing wrong with hearing what you would like to hear, but if anybody really wants to move to the next level, if anybody wants to be outstanding and have good success, you will listen to what you need to hear, you will embrace the truth.


Sometimes, people also take this hearing what you need to hear thing too far and end up doing nonsense. I wanted to learn the guitar some years back, I had already taken one lesson and was gingered. One day, as I passed by a particular relaxation spot, I saw a guy sitting on a pavement and playing the guitar; he also was learning, in fact, he had a guitar book by his side. With that enthusiasm, I walked up to him and told him I was also learning the guitar and just wanted to watch him play and learn a few things from him. Do you know the first thing he said to me? “First of all, you can never learn the guitar, you will never be able to play the guitar, you will never be good enough” I first laughed and said to him “You must not know about me, just show me what you have to offer” He then told me that was exactly what he was told when he started that made him get up on his feet to prove them wrong. So his ideology was now to tell other people rubbish because they told him rubbish. He now felt that what people needed to hear was negative things irrespective of their gifts, enthusiasm, resources or personality. That’s plain nonsense!

We all know John 8:32 that says,

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Proverbs 23:23 then says,

“Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.”

The reason is that truth, according to Encarta Dictionaries, is something factual, something that corresponds to fact or reality. If you asked me, I would have simply said “Truth is something that is true, simply, truth is truth” Tautology right? It’s like knowing your rights, nobody can tell you otherwise, they can only violate your rights, but not deny it. Once you know the truth about your life or a particular situation or endeavour, you can never operate blindly again, you can never be derailed, you can never lose hope, you can never be deceived. That is why the knowledge of the truth is so important.


As for me, I have classified the people I relate with into two categories; the ones who want to know the truth, who yearn for it and I give it to them; and the ones who want to hear what they want to hear, and I give it to them. Even God deals with us like this, if you yearn for the truth, He will reveal it to you and will never leave you, but if you want a lie or just sweet words, He will not stand in your way, He will give you what you want. Yes, there are some things that are not our concern, they are way beyond us, I know that; but Deuteronomy 29:29 tells us that the secret things belong unto God but those things that are revealed belong to us.


We need to start hearing what we need to hear. Read the Bible and see the exact words of Christ, see his actions at different points in time, see the words and actions of God at different points in time, read the accounts of the apostles and see their actions at different points in time. Read the words of wisdom, read the psalms, read the Bible, there is so much truth in it. Start moving with people who are ready to tell you the truth, start listening to preachers who are ready to tell you the truth, God said in Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding” but you need to first of all embrace the truth. Start reading the Bible, you need to start hearing what you need to hear. There is nothing like the truth, I’m telling you.

This doesn’t mean you start embracing lies and fabricated stories, but as long as you are working with the Holy Spirit, you will never be misled, it will just be a constant outpouring of enlightenment and exposition of truth. Of course I can go on and on and give numerous scenarios, examples and more explanations about this, I have already deleted a whole page just to shorten my words hear, the bottom line is that we need to start embracing the truth.

It is by the truth that you know who your true friends are, it is by the truth that you know your enemies, it is by the truth that you know the devices of the enemy, it is by the truth that you know who you are; it is by the truth that you are made free. Buy the truth and sell it not!

Cheers and God bless you infinitely!!!

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